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Intimax is a Spanish firm of lingerie and corset, which was set up five years ago.


Nowadays, intimax sells its products in 22 countries with different distribution channels.


Intimax offers innovation in all products. That is, both production and commercialisation process are innovation.


Intimax offers original garments with an innovative design such as corsets, lingerie, leggings, stocking, etc.


We take care of design process, production and commercialization in order to guarantee the best quality, service and price.

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Intimax exceeds the expectations of today’s women, transmitting values such as elegance and sensuality. Values that have been sought by woman since antiquity.


Corset is our main product. When intimax set up, it launched corsets into the market. The aim was to promote the use of the corset in women’s lives.


As it is known, the corset is a luxury garment worn with sacrifice. In the past, it was essential to women to stylize chest and waist. At present, it has become a symbol of seduction, eroticism and comfort. According to our research the corset is versatile. That is, it is used outdoor clothing and female underwear to be share with your couple. It may both be used with leggings or suspender and stocking.


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Intimax Corset
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Intimax Corset

Know why the intimax corset is different 


Our design team works in small details.


> Products of great resistance: corsets worn tight to hug the body, that means that the garment has to bear a pressure that common garments don't have.


> The product has a double fabric: inside the fabrics used are a mixture of cotton, polyester and spandex, depending on the model. The weights used are between 180 and 200gr/m2.


> Both fabrics are subjected to legal quality controls.


> The whalebone: The intimax designs have among 12 and 16 plastic ribs and some corsets have steel metal ribs.


> The corset bow is important. Depending on the model we use either resistant ribbon or round cords of 0,7 mm.


> Every product has exclusive design and it is thought for every kind of people.


> Novelties: Our design team suggests to us 21 monthly different designs and we carry out 3 novelties every month.


> Supplementary products: As a result of sucessful corset, intimax introduces articles and extra fashion collections in order to improve our distributors' sells.


Nowadays we can approach the distribution in two ways:

Fashion: Mixing aur Corset collections with Leggings Collection 2014.


Lingerie: Mixing our Corset, with our Stockings and Garter belts collection.


In early 2013 born of all this a Lingerie Collection.

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